Business does not burn FAT

Dec 1 2005

Years ago, I was a competitive athlete. Racing bicycles was my thing. As a six foot and seven inch racer, I weighed more than most. My last fighting weight was around 220 pounds. I was weightlifting often and very lean and fast.

Fast forward about ten years, now I am a married with two children guy who is rounding out the corner of 267 pounds. Enough is enough!

Monday (November 28th, 2005) I began my new lifestyle. I am eating more often. I am eating better quality foods. While you might think of my diet as a typical Atkins or South Beach diet, it really is not. There just happens to be some things on those diets that jibe with me. I am of the absolute belief that we need to retrain our bodies to learn how to burn fat. How can our bodies learn to burn fat when all we eat are simple sugars and starches? So, I have killed simple sugars from my diet and starches except for my breakfast meal. Typically, this meal would be a cup of oatmeal and splenda

This low-carb diet seems to feel right. I am lifting weights now and soon will be integrating a cycling shedule in that may require me to increase my carbohydrate intake.

I am looking at the diet in phases. My first phase is a 14-day phase. I intend to have a more rigid policy against carbohydrates during this phase and expect to see the most significant weight loss during this period.

To add power to the punch of our personal fitness, Larry Dupler and I are bringing our computrainers to the office to allow ourselves to get great quality workouts without actually leaving the office. We will see how this goes…

I started Monday. My weight was 267 pounds.

Got a long way to go.



3 Comments to “Business does not burn FAT”

  1. Good for you!

    Discipline is going to be your key and we all know Larry will help you keep on the straight and narrow. Update your progress.

    Three weeks ago I started my regiment. Although I know nothing about fitness, I’m very good at following a plan so a friend who used to be a fitness trainer put together a workout schedule and so far I’ve lost 4 pounds and feel better. I run and hit the heavy bag for my cardio and work on different muscle groups for my strength training at least 3 times a week. My diet is better than it used to be, but not where I want it yet. I track my schedule and results like an insane person, but that helps me to keep focused and moving forward.

    Good luck to all of us.


    By Graham on December 1st, 2005 at 11:59 am
  2. Nice to hear that you guys are working the weight down! Hope all is well there, personally and business wise.

    We have moved out of the armpit called Houston and are now living at 6400 feet altitude just south of Denver, Colorado. Altitude sure seems to work in terms of helping the appetite and losing weight. Great cycling here too – both on road and off.

    Good luck with RD2 and take care.

    By Matt Danilchick on April 13th, 2006 at 2:35 pm
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