Day Five – Arrival of the Computrainer

Dec 2 2005

It is day five only because it is nearly 1:00 am on Friday. Starvation seems to be the feeling of the day for me. Even though I am hungry all the time, my energy levels at work are increasing. After lifting weights and rushing off to a meeting, I was not able to eat until 10:30 am. Eggs and bacon. Bad, bad, bad. Not clean, but there were no carbs. Then, I found myself rushing back to the office from another meeting to be greeted by the computrainer. Unfortunately, I only had one protein bar before the workout at 6:00 pm, so my performance was lackluster, even worse since I am so out of shape.

Today’s computrainer effort was a ten-mile time trial. Our primary areas of observation were in power output (watts), cadence and time. I am not concerning myself with heart rate. That was the training method we used years ago. My regiment when training for the trials in 1992 was all about heart rate. Measuring performance and training with wattage as a primary indicator was unheard of. So, this new method of training is so unfamiliar to me but makes so much sense. I have pictures of the event but will not post them until there are some results.

My plan is to spend as much time on the computrainer as possible. It will be my primary aerobic activity. Every pedal stroke, I am more motivated to find the speed from the old days. While watching the Tour De France a couple of years ago, my daughter looked at me and said, “Daddy, if it was not for Lance Armstrong, you would be famous, right?” She was totally serious and was even sympathetic in her tone. She must have been wondering what I was thinking as I watched Lance ascend the Alps. Coming from a seven-year-old, it was bittersweet. I just told her, “yes Madeline, you are absolutely right.” As I work my way into the program, I am going to tell Madeline that daddy will finally get his chance now that Lance is retired…

My diet today could not have been much worse:

* 2 eggs
* 4 slices of bacon
* 3 protein bars

This will not get anywhere by starving myself. Tomorrow will be better.

Chris Ronan
Day Five
260 pounds


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