Pounding Idiots

Dec 8 2005


It has been Sunday since I had my last workout. And, my diet is not happening. Lots of bad stuff over the past couple of days. I am in San Jose visiting a client (LogLogic). Apparently, the weather is bad enough in Dallas for my flight to have been cancelled. Of course, I thought I would be home more quickly than this, so I did not think to pack any workout gear.

So, what did I do with my time besides catch up with work? I had a visit with my old buddy Chris Hipp – AKA Pounding Idiot. Chris is a top-ranked, 44-year-old professional bicycle racer who now lives in the Bay area. When Chris is not helping high-tech startups raise money and improve their business development, he eats wannabe-pro-racers for lunch.

Over a decade ago, Chris and I were in a bicycle race in North Texas. Often, when we registered for these races we would have to fill out a questionnaire in our entry packet. Questions about how often we train, our favorite race, our favorite things to do… just a bunch of silly stuff. Chris and I seemed to be on this incredible winning streak. For those of you who don’t know Chris, he was (still is) basically unbeatable when it came time to thread the needle in a pack at nearly 40 mph through the last turn. After his afterburners were lit, this guy would scorch the likes of Davis Phinney and Lance Armstrong. No kidding. I was there. I saw it. And, he did it handily. Back to the questionnaire… We were filling in these ridiculous answers to the quesions and Chris wrote “Pounding Idiots” as a response to the question. Of course at the time, he had a big bullseye on his back since everyone wanted to beat him. We just chuckled and got ready for the race.

The race was a 90-minute criterium. Chris went off the front with a few guys from El Paso and Mexico. Then I went on the attack and caught him and we very quickly dropped the guys we were with. This was our third day in a race series and we had both placed first and second in the previous two, so it was somewhat of a nice experience to still be racing so well in the series. We were both into the moment. All I can remember thinking was that we did not have a gear big enough and our speed just stayed ridiculously fast the entire way. As we were about to lap the field, the announcer started screaming as we went through the start finish zone, “There goes Chris Hipp, ladies and gentleman, POUNDING IDIOTS….. he is POUNDING IDIOTS everyone…. look at him, POUNDING IDIOTS!!!!” I was actually embarrassed. My parents and friends were there. What might they be thinking? I mean, we were in the middle of absolutely slaughtering a very strong field, and instead of being respectful to our competition, some guy on a loudspeaker was yelling about how we were POUNDING IDIOTS!

That one stayed with us for years. Shortly after, our teammate Roger Worthington had a tough race (I believe he still finished top three). He made an interesting comment on the podium. He said “some days you go out there and you are pounding others, who are idiots … then, some days you go out and you are the idiot who is being pounded.” The next year we printed “Pounding Idiots” on the sleeves of our jerseys. It became our team motto. Whether we were pounding other racers (idiots)…. or whether we were the racers who were being pounded, we were all just pounding idiots.

So far, this week, I am the idiot who is being pounded. No workouts and no diet to speak of. When I return to Dallas, I will be Pounding Idiots. My diet, workouts, sleep patterns and anything else it takes to get back into shape will be a huge priority.

This post is for you, Chris. Happy Idiot Pounding!

Chris Ronan
Road to Fitness – Day 8
2xx pounds

3 Comments to “Pounding Idiots”

  1. “The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.”

    ie: Rediscover the moderation between work and play and you will find your fitness, my son.

    Der Hipptler

    By hippstar on December 8th, 2005 at 9:07 pm
  2. Having a hard time bench pressing 135lbs one time.
    Four months later doing reps with 205lbs. With ease.
    Three sets of squats, 50 reps at 135lbs. No problem.

    I cannot imagine what will happen when all this comes together.
    Time to dance.

    By Larry on December 8th, 2005 at 10:31 pm
  3. Chris, the Hippstar’s comment about moderation is exceedingly wise. Don’t try to do this too fast, get burned out or hurt, then bag the whole thing. Enjoy yourself, no stressing allowed. Excellent story, by the way, I enjoy hearing and reading about your cycling adventures.

    By Jerry on December 12th, 2005 at 2:54 pm

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