The Scale That Almost Killed Me

Dec 12 2005

Friday I had the best ride I have had yet since I have been on my road to fitness. Larry and I rode 80 minutes on a moderately hilly course on the CompuTrainer. The great thing about the CompuTrainer is that you never really get to rest. So, the 80 minute workout was not only fun, but my legs throbbed the entire weekend. Then, I broke my diet when the hunger pangs kicked in and there was just a never ending supply of Christmas chocolate at the office

As for the weekend? No riding, just eating. Then, Dan and Larry came to the house for some work related activity. I had just weighed myself on the scale and I tilted at 260+. Not good. I was crying and thinking all sorts of terrible thoughts. I was only a step away from going off the deep end when Larry and Dan stepped on and each of them said the scale was easily ten pounds off.

Tonight, 3D CompuTrainer ride.

Diet over weekend:

- cookies
- gummy bears
- sour bears
- more cookies
- crackers
- chocolate bar
- chocolate hershey’s kisses (caramel filled)
- chocolate cookies
- chocolate truffles
- chocolate chips
- turkey sandwich
- etc…

Chris Ronan


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  1. Hmmm. Not my idea of carbo-loading, but it just means you’ll be sweating it out of you on Monday!

    By Rich Wharton on December 12th, 2005 at 5:26 pm

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