Dec 23 2006

guidewireconnection header.png

When I first typed in my search to learn about Drupal, I spelled it “Droople.” Luckily “Droople Blog” on google returned the proper spelling. It took a few requests from Charlotte to get me there, but after realizing that I might be coming across like we were a WordPress only shop, I wanted to prove the strength of our team and prove our knowledge in many applications. Keeping the faith, after learning enough to sound smart (sort of), I asked Chris and Blake if they had heard of it before. They both looked at each other and paused. I knew we were in for a ride. They both admitted to have worked with Drupal in the past, but mentioned that it was slightly more complex.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and it is now very obvious to me why so many Drupal sites look very similar to each other. At lightning speed, our designers and developers completely reconstructed Chris Shipley’s Guidewire Connection.

Great work Chris, Blake, Brandon and Mike…not to mention the rest of the RD2 team who covered for us during those late nights of working through all aspects of the Drupal framework.

More to come on the details of what we all believe to be a great platform for business applications that want a content managment platform that supports social networking functions.

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