Marathon Post

Dec 13 2006

I have two brothers. They are both two of my biggest heroes. The three of us were born with this insane need to be obsessed with things…I mean really obsessed. Almost to the point of being unhealthy. In the case of one of my younger brother’s latest obsessions, a lack of health is definitely not the issue.

I believe that being “obsessed” with things is a pretty fun way to live life. I guess what I mean by obsessed is more on the side of being completely dedicated to a goal and going after it 100%, and less on the side of say…John Hinckley Jr. and Jodie Foster...

My Blackberry Loves WordPress

Dec 9 2006

I’m on a shuttle at just before 5:00 am. We are driving from the Sonoma Fairmont Mission to the San Francisco airport and it’s still dark, so we won’t be seeing much of the Golden Gate in daylight. As usual, I am checking my blackberry for messages that might have come through at night. I see an automated message from our blog, “awaiting moderation.”. It seems that our spam filter is learning and evolving on it’s own. It senses there might be something we don’t want to allow through, so our spam plugin in WordPress is kind enough to ask me to check this message out.

Just yesterday I found myself evangelizing the importance of taking handhelds into consideration when designing interfaces. This is something we talk about all the time...

Golden Gate

Dec 7 2006

Looking back as we were driving to the Guidewire Group conference last night. I have never seen the Golden Gate at night before. No matter when you see it, it's awesome!


Graded Browser Support

Dec 3 2006

It seems like every time I turn around we are re-evaluating how we write to our level of browser support. In chatting with Chris Griego the other day, he shared with me the following that he posted on our internal Wiki. I thought it was worth sharing so that we can reference it from time to time. Here’s what Chris posted internally:

Graded browser support is a concept borrowed from Yahoo! that promotes using different levels of support for browsers versus supporting a browser or blocking it completely...

24 more ways to impress your friends

Dec 1 2006, the web development tips and tricks advent calendar/blog has kicked off for the second year in a row. In the first story of the year, “Drew McLellan examines a method of enabling users to control their interface with a dynamic text trimmer, similar to that found in Safari RSS...


Sharing Customer Experiences – Call For Entries

Nov 30 2006

OK, I’ve threatened to do this for a long time (old blog entry about Customer Service Guy )- time to act.

I invite all to share their customer experiences – both Good and Bad! We will start a new category for this blog called “Customer Experience” and I invite posts and comments related to your experiences. Let us know about companies that provide exceptional customer experiences and ones that miss the mark...

Winter Warrant

Nov 29 2006

In Dallas, the weather is not very polite. Tonight we are expecting old man winter to break the door down and kick us in the shins with his 40 degree plummet and freezing rain. We’ll see how that goes, but hey…that’s Dallas weather for you.

On that note, here’s a great weather forecast website that you may have seen...


Know Your Customer Experience

Nov 29 2006

Today’s world is fast paced, but all businesses need to slow down to understand their customer experience. Before implementing something, put on your customer shoes, glasses or metaphor of choice and go through your customer experience: Does it make sense? Does it work? Is it easy?

Example: I have a new cable company – they recently took over my previous company – so you would think they would be hyper sensitive to all the changes their customers are going thru. So today I received an email saying my monthly bill was ready to review.

The email prompted me to logon to my new account and to check my settings to be able to continue to receive my online bill. The way it was worded I thought I had to do this to continue online bill pay...