Google launches television advertising service

May 1 2008

More evidence that Google is taking over the world: In addition to announcing plans to build an interactive map of Earth’s oceans, the Internet giant also unveiled Google TV Ads on the tried and trusted AdWords platform.

Google TV Ads allows advertisers to buy air time through an easy-to-use interface, selecting the desired networks, dayparts and programming to reach their target audience. Advertisers then set their budget with a pre-defined CPM cap (you can bid as low as $1.00 per 1000 impressions) and the service provides an estimated media buy amount based on traffic estimates derived from “second-by-second data from millions of anonymized set-top-boxes” and the expected number of impressions during the selected schedule.

Google TV Ads then provides daily reports with data on where and when the ad was shown; number of impressions, measured as active televisions tuned to the commercial for two seconds or more; average seconds per impression, including the average seconds by initial audience (number of seconds by audience members tuned in at the beginning of the ad) and the percentage of that initial audience retained from start to finish.

Don’t have a television ad? No problem! They’ll even help you produce a new commercial through the Ad Creation Marketplace (Google AdWords account required).

The real power of this will be unlocked by those who are best able to merge their offline advertising with digital media – all in one place – with the ability to measure results and revenue from traditional media at a much finer level of detail. On television, offer codes and specialty URLs that drive consumers to a website help make that integration possible, but there is opportunity for human error in the transfer, and that’s before accounting for the impressions that go wasted on guys like me who fall asleep with the TV on almost every night. If only the :CueCat hadn’t been so far ahead of its time…



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