Nov 26 2008

The Situation

National Credit Report came to RD2 looking for a new design to establish trust and credibility in their brand...

Triple S Aviation Launches!

Nov 24 2008

Triple S Aviation, LLC, a global aviation consulting company based in Addison, TX, has a passion for aviation and a specialization in Aviation Business Development, Corporate Aircraft Acquisition, Aircraft Management, and Pilot Services.

With a new and expanded location opening in Dubai, Triple S Aviation, LLC came to RD2 seeking a new website that would be visually appealing, focus on communicating the company’s values, and provide visitors with a clean and simple user experience.

Triple S Aviation, LLC worked with RD2 to create a new brand identity and a website to support it...

Follow RD2inc on Twitter!

Nov 21 2008

Some good news to start out your weekend. You can now follow the antics and general goings on at RD2 Inc. by following us on Twitter (username: rd2inc)!

You can tell who on the team is posting because (for the most part) we’ll put our initials at the end of the tweet...

Let’s check this Facebook connect thing out

Nov 19 2008

I read an article this morning that CitySearch launched Facebook connect in beta. Facebook connect allows users to connect their Facebook identity to third party sites. Essentially, any site becomes a Facebook app.

I have never used Facebook connect, so I tried it today using CitySearch.

1: Click “Sign in Using Facebook”

This way of presenting the option feels very OpenID-like. I assume that it’s going to be easy to create a profile and login...

Black Friday in t-minus 10 days

Nov 19 2008

There has been a lot of speculation over just what Black Friday will bring this year for retailers, who are expecting a slower than normal holiday shopping season.

The theory is that retailers will hedge the risk of having excess inventory at the end of the season, and will try to move product as soon as possible (beginning on the unofficial first day of the Christmas shopping season).

On the other side of the co...

RD2 Press Release: RD2 helps largest retailer of UK rail tickets launch community website

Nov 18 2008

We’ve been internally discussing social media vs. traditional press releases and I wanted to share the latest release we posted. It is especially pertinent as as example of using social media (instead of traditional techniques) to more efficiently accomplish your goals.

DALLAS, TX — October 20, 2008 The UK train travel website, the leading independent retailer of train tickets online, has sold over 14 million journeys to over 8.4 million registered users...

Richard Krall’s Latest Creation

Nov 15 2008

So, There’s the guy who lives in a studio in the fair park area, who had this idea, who made this bike. Richard Krall is one of those painfully talented artists who has a knack for looking at something ordinary and doing amazing work with it.

I’ve probably known Richard for 18 years, and during that time he’s always been a great photographer, a furniture builder, a carpenter, metal smith, and now — a custom bike builder. Recently, Richard and I connected to do some rides and he showed me his concept for this bike...


Google video chatting

Nov 13 2008

Below is a picture of Chris and me Google video chatting (introduced this week) from across the office yesterday. To set up your google account for video, visit

The image quality is a lot better than I expected (check out the full screen!), and it sounds good to boot...