incase Courier Bags

Oct 29 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve bought any new bags. This topic is something I’ve blogged about before but am thinking about again. Even though traveling has been light lately, I’m thinking ahead about how to go while looking super cool (yes I’m bringing fanny pack) and while taking all my necessary travel things in appropriate style. I’ve got a pretty good collection going so it takes something really cool to catch my eye. Lately I’ve been impressed with the new incase bags. In particular, I’m digging the Courier Collection. There are a few features and functions (to name a few) that really are eye catching to me:

  • Water resistant nylon
  • Huge straps and buckles
  • Good pocket spaces
  • Removable iPhone carrying case
  • Interior bike pump tie down
  • Bike lock storage!!

Note in the pictures below the bike lock storage. I’m really liking that a lot. Also, love the clean look and lines on this bag. Looks stealthy and smart. In other words it looks like it could tuck under my arm and be handy for business meetings without announcing to the room that I rode my bike.

incase front
incase rear
black skate bag



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