STA Travel Gets It – #savefannypacks

Oct 12 2009

Yeah, go ahead…. I’m sure to get more grief for another fanny pack post. Truth is, when I’m strolling at the mall, hangin’ out at my local Whole Foods, or sprinting through an airport… every time I see someone with a fanny pack, things go in slow motion for a brief period. There’s a moment in time where we usually make a connection and it goes something like this.

“There’s a fellow fanny pack friend. I’m looking this person in the eyes and they get it. They understand me. I understand them. We may never speak, but we have a bond. Our brains take a flickr snapshot which is tagged and mentally twittered (#savefannypacks). Yeah, you know it… we are hip, trendy, and very organized. And all the things we need are attached to us like another body part. And we’re OK with it.”

Sure, there may be some of us out there that are strutting our stuff in high waters, sporting our rock ports(yes I have two pair in my closet), and some of us have a little difficulty matching our socks. But we are fanny pack people. We never get credit in the masses for being slightly more sophisticated or hip. But when you are charging around buying a chapstick, an extra pair of ear buds for your iPod, stressing over your lost passport, or simply looking for your misplaced cell phone…. we calmly reach into our fanny packs and all is peaceful with the world. We always know where our stuff is.

So, we came across this cool company, STA Travel, who has an internship called the “World Traveler Internship.” We found this video and it just melted my heart. STA I barely know you, but I already luv you.

YouTube Preview Image

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