EfficientEnterprise.com Launches!

Nov 9 2009


We have officially launched Dell’s new Efficient Enterprise website this morning!

This signifies a huge success for RD2 as well as what will be a global success for Dell. Given the current economic landscape every business, large and small, has been re-assessing and adapting to survive. Being able to adapt is one thing, but becoming innovative will be the true test of a business’ ability to thrive in the future. One of the main driver’s of innovation today is through being efficient in how every penny is spent. Dell has created a new foundation by which companies can streamline IT budget and reallocate much needed dollars towards innovation.

We like to think we took the spirit of Dell’s efficiency strategy and applied it to this project. RD2 started this project four weeks ago and was able to concept, design, develop and deploy in that timeframe. This was definitely a challenge, but a challenge we wanted to prove to Dell and to ourselves. We think the end result was a great success. An added bonus this project yielded was a huge presence for Efficient Enterprise on the Dell.com homepage. Currently all main images and call outs on Dell’s home page take you to the Dell Efficient Enterprise website.

Stay tuned in the coming days as there will be more to add to this story.

In closing I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to Dell and the entire RD2 team involved with this project. I am constantly in awe of how talented and exceptional the entire RD2 team is when faced with such a challenge. It is humbling to know that I work with such a rich group of people.


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