Sweet Tweets: Week of 10/25 – 10/31/2009

Nov 2 2009

What’s a “Sweet Tweet?” A quick Bing search yields lots of delectable goodness from distant places. I’m sure I’ve seen this used before for the intention I’m using it here….to categorize tweets that I think are in some way interesting to us or our business. Or, at least, tweets that I’ve taken the time to read thoroughly what they referred to and found them useful.

OK, OK, I’ll admit. The other day I was twittering while watching “Dude Where’s My Car” (yeah I was very sick that day). I started wondering how I could organize the tweets that come in that are in some way relevant to our business. Then when watching the scene where the “dudes” got tattoos, one reading “Dude” and the other reading “Sweet,” got me to thinking. “Sweet Tweets.” Yeah it’s really THAT lame but I started forwarding the best nuggets to myself with the title of “Sweet Tweets.” These can then be recalled later. So for now I’ll try posting these on a weekly basis. And, I’ll try to purge all the motorcycle/cycling stuff that’s less on target.

Sweet Tweets: Week of 10/25 – 10/31/2009 (plus or minus a day or so):

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