Happy Halloween from Stingy Jack!

Oct 28 2009

We love pumpkins. We love carving them, making pies out of them, and sometimes shooting them out of cannons. If you haven’t tried the latter, you should. But have you ever wondered how the pumpkin has become the quintessential symbol for Halloween? And why do we proceed to take a sharp object and stab, rip and gut the poor thing within an inch of its life only to stick a lit candle inside to have it burn all through the night? Well, we wondered the exact same thing. And this is what we found out.

The history of the Jack O’ Lantern actually comes from Irish folklore centered around a certain trickster who went by the name of Stingy Jack...


Happy 60th Birthday – Debby Ronan! (aka Mom)

Oct 28 2009

We all have that special someone in our lives we call MOM. Today, mine turns 60. The picture on the left is Mom and Dad. I think this is in Buffalo, New York. The three hooligans on the right represent the three children who they brought up through the 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s.

Mom is an amazingly talented concert pianist. She’s seriously good and I’m going to be encouraging her this year to get a good digital recorder to share the goodness that she still plays every day. We can’t hear her play as often as we would like because Mom and Dad live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mom’s an amazing cook...


Congratulations Southwest Airlines.. Again!

Oct 21 2009

We were so happy to hear that Southwest Airline’s Blog, Nuts About Southwest was awarded Best Corporate Blog by PR News’ Platinum PR Awards three years straight!

It is incredible how far the Emerging Media Team has taken this since the original launch in 2006. It’s amazing watching these pros at work in how they are engaging their community in ways that are touching, serious, revealing, and often humorous...

Don’t Need No Stinking Thyroid (or 1/2 of it anyway)

Oct 14 2009

My doctor told me that a person could live on about 1/8th of a healthy thyroid. This was a quick fact that I was given during my post op visit. To be clear, what he was saying is that even with that little of thyroid tissue left, it is quite possible to live without having to take thyroid replacement hormone. For me that was mind boggling…

While this post at first may seem to have very little to do with RD2, it actually has everything to do with RD2. Today is the first day I have been in the office for two weeks and everything is amazing. During our busiest time of the year our team has been delivering without missing a beat. Words cannot describe…

I had been trying to train all summer long. This year the Texas climate was not nice to us...


STA Travel Gets It – #savefannypacks

Oct 12 2009

Yeah, go ahead…. I’m sure to get more grief for another fanny pack post. Truth is, when I’m strolling at the mall, hangin’ out at my local Whole Foods, or sprinting through an airport… every time I see someone with a fanny pack, things go in slow motion for a brief period. There’s a moment in time where we usually make a connection and it goes something like this.

“There’s a fellow fanny pack friend. I’m looking this person in the eyes and they get it. They understand me. I understand them. We may never speak, but we have a bond...


2009 TX Tough

Sep 21 2009
2009 TX Tough, originally uploaded by christopher_ronan.

Here’s a post from the Texas Tough race last week.


RT @problogger: New at ProBlog…

Sep 20 2009
RT @problogger: New at ProBlogger: 5 Ways to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours http://bit.ly/qGeaa

Banks and social media. Is it …

Sep 12 2009
Banks and social media. Is it for your bank brand? http://bit.ly/1SDHND