Wonder T-Shirt Prints

Nov 9 2010

Here are a few snaps from the night we launched the Wonder Bikes website. Robbie was able to have a screen made and we ordered some t-shirts...


Nuts About Southwest inducted into Blog “Hall of Fame”

Nov 8 2010

Given that Southwest Airlines’ blog, Nuts About Southwest has won “Best Corporate Blog” by PRNews Platinum PR Awards three years straight, it didn’t come as a big surprise when we learned that this year they were inducted into the PR News “...

Introducing: Wonder Bikes

Nov 8 2010

Website Launch: Wonder Bikes

Personally, I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with bikes. I’m the 39 year old kid that feels cranky if I’ve not been able to ride a bicycle or motorcycle every single day. For example, today I rode my titanium Airborne bicycle at 5:30 am just to get my fix.

There are lots of blogs I follow to keep me up on what’s happening in the motorcycle industry...

RD2 “Monster Mash”

Oct 27 2010
Just having a little fun in the RD2 laboratory! Enjoy and Happy Halloween! [youtube width="670" height="355"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwbeAwo0RCU[/youtube]

Pure Black Bike Lust

Oct 21 2010

By day I’m at RD2 and by mornings I’m riding (hopefully not tumbling). Lately we have had some cycling stuff mixed in at RD2. For me this is always a pleasant distraction. We’re helping a couple of teams, one domestic and one in New Zealand, with some marketing and design. Today I’ve been particularly glued to a press event by the Pure Black Racing Team in New Zealand.

A friend and client, Greg Cross, is helping to pull together this really cool team. I’ve made a couple of twitter posts today to their press releases. So, today, sometime during their event, Greg sent me these official photos of the Pure Black Racing Bikes by Avanti.

Take a close look at the details...


Blogworld 2010 With Southwest Airlines

Oct 21 2010

This past week and weekend we were able to fly to Las Vegas to participate in Blogworld. Southwest Airlines had a booth and we worked the booth with them for a couple of days. Overall this was a great event. We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with not only the BlogSouthwest team but some other really cool vendors at the show. During the show, Brian Lusk (aka @blogboy) interviewed me. The interview was fun for me as it seems that Brian and I had some good chemistry. We’ve been through a lot together...

Gary Hamel On RD2

Oct 20 2010

We recently launched another version of The MIX. This is a project that has been ongoing for over two years now. After meeting with Gary many times in the beautiful San Francisco area I finally got to see him in Action. This week Gary spoke at Dell and we were able to make it down there to watch him. I’ve met some smart people in my life and this guy is one of the tops. Gary is just an unbelievable speaker. I wish everyone in business had the opportunity to see him speak, let alone work directly with him.

We were able to have lunch with Gary Hamel and Andy Lark and catch up on a few things prior to Gary’s speaking engagement...

Andy Lark on RD2 Partnership & Dell ITEN Android Application

Oct 5 2010

As part of the effort in developing the recently launched Android Application for Dell, we had a series of iterative reviews with the Dell team. Chris Collins made RD2 his home away from home. Also, Andy Lark visited us in Dallas for a final review and application test drive. We had some informal discussion on how the project was running and captured a few of his thoughts on what he felt was critical about partnerships like ours.

It’s obvious that we are super pleased with how the RD2 team was able to pull this off in three weeks from start to finish. It should also be mentioned though that the Dell team was simply amazing at helping us define these requirements and work hand in hand as part of the team...