Putting a New Angle on the World of Cupcakes

Jul 10 2012

Never a fan of round holes and pegs, the founders of Cupcakes Cubed were looking to break the mold of the “gourmet cupcake craze.” Needing to find a company that wasn’t afraid to try something new, they contacted RD2 to help bring their vision to life. Besides the usual applications of letterhead and business cards, the new brand had to work for indoor and outdoor signage, stickers, seals for boxes, and various other specialty products.

Before beginning the project, it was clear that the client was quite focused on the color red as their primary palette base. It was also clear from their newly built store, that the brand was meant to be chic, modern, and while sweet, not girly. In essence, it was as big of a departure from the stereotypical “cupcake company” as could possibly be made.

Since their business was already on the ground and running, RD2 knew it was important to quickly produce a new identity in order to maximize and brand the conversation and experiences they were already starting to have with their customers.

Original Sketches

Cupcakes Cubed sketch 01

Cupcakes Cubed sketch 02

Cupcakes Cubed sketch 03

Final Design

Meant to capture the unique frosting technique as well as the trademark shape of their cupcakes.

Cupcakes Cubed logo

Product Photography

Cupcakes Cubed Rasperry

Cupcakes Cubed cupcakes

Cupcakes Cubed cupcakes

Cupcakes Cubed Macarons

Cupcakes Cubed Macarons

Cupcakes Cubed Key Lime Macarons

Cupcakes Cubed Macarons


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