Dec 19 2012

Three thousand, two hundred, eighty five days. That’s how long RD2 has been in business. The last single digit before our ten year anniversary. Following are a few reasons as to why this day is significant to myself and the team…

I started with a partner (Larry Dupler). Bought him out. And today he’s still one of my closest friends. How many partners can see both sides of a recession, go separate ways, and both look back at the experience as a positive one?

We started the world’s first airline blog, and it went on to be recognized as the world’s best corporate blog, four years consecutively.

We stood by many small businesses and helped them develop their brands. We’ve seen many become incredibly successful. Those same businesses stood by us when we needed them.

We started our own blog. And while we’re not blogging every day, we’re still blogging. Even if we are the only ones who care. After all, YOU or WE are among the most important audience.

We’ve sponsored many cycling teams, even if I’m the only one who really cares about cycling. But the team at RD2 is kind enough to humor me anyway. Some of the teams we have been involved with are among the best in the world (Elbowz and Pure Black Racing).

Our interest in cycling graduated to the world of professional motorcycle racing. We branded a MotoGP racer with a new identity and website. We even designed the helmet and signage for the bike.

We pioneered the use of today’s most popular web publishing system, WordPress, as a viable solution for building corporate websites, long before it was recognized as anything but a blogging tool.

We’ve done amazing things with Microsoft Sharepoint, building banking and high tech websites that are stunning to look at and incredibly functional. Recognized by senior leadership and technology evangelists as “best looking Sharepoint website I’ve seen.”

We’ve been printed in Communication Arts for our work in corporate branding. And have developed countless identity systems.

We’ve traveled south of the equator, to New Zealand, three times to build websites for the worlds greatest sailing team, Team New Zealand. While visiting, we also developed the identity system and website for PowerbyProxi who recently visited with the Prince of Wales. Also, when down under, we designed and developed the website for the tremendously successful Pure Black Racing team, as well as for a world class high-availability software provider, MaxAva.

We partnered with Tyler Technologies to create desktop applications for courtrooms and iPad apps for police cars. And the partnership continues into 2013.

We designed and built a website for some of the world’s greatest thinkers, The Management Exchange. Working closely with Gary Hamel and his team inspired great things not only in us, but in the website that has become so important to business innovation.

This year, we made some great new friends in Canada as we designed the Ford Canada blog. We stepped up our game to build standards and contribute to the world of responsive web design. We were introduced to a terrific agency named Sonic Boom who have been the best partners imaginable through our Ford relationship.

The list goes on and on. Hundreds and hundreds of projects. Countless late nights. Hundreds of plane flights. And a few temper tantrums for good measure.

But the most important things are saved for last, but not least. While working at RD2, some purchased their first homes, gave birth to their first, second, or third children, some were married, and some are planning a wedding. We do our work with passion, and we’re still hungry to make ourselves better. We’ve made a difference in our field, and in the homes of our team. We’ve seen recessions overstay their welcome, and have persevered through difficult times.

But we’re here. Nine years later. Still in one piece. And better than ever. Happy Ninth Birthday, RD2!


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  1. You created a wonderful site for a motorcycling friend- thanks, and congratulations on the milestone. RD2 is a class act.

    By Scott Davison on December 19th, 2012 at 7:10 pm
  2. Thank YOU Scott. Miss having you around to fart around and talk about bikes during work hours! We will ride again! Ronan

    By Chris Ronan on December 19th, 2012 at 8:28 pm

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