Shakespeare In the Park

Jul 9 2007

After a packed week of work that spilled over into the weekend, it was great to have some time to spend with friends this weekend. Sunday night my wife and I joined a few other friends for a local outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet at the Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre in East Dallas. Every year Shakespeare Dallas puts on a summer show at the park and we always try to go...


RD2 Re-Brands Admiral Communications

Jun 4 2007

Full Speed Ahead! Admiral is named after the owners’ famous family ancestor, David Farragut, the civil war admiral whos quote “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” has become an American legend. This family-owned company has held up to the legend by growing from a small cabling provider to a full service consultant providing high end phone systems, corporate A/V rooms, and state-of-the-art security in a very short time. In the midst of substantial growth, Admiral came to RD2 looking for a brand overhaul that reflected the high-end service provider they had become. We started from scratch with a creative brief, new brand direction, and competitive landscape...



May 16 2007

Yesterday I got my first bike commuting flat 3 miles from home. Luckily, I didn’t fall or anything. I was a good boy scout and had everything it takes to fix it right there, but the replacement tube went flat as well within a half mile. It was old and I couldn’t pump it up enough. I’m really glad my wife was home and could pick me up. There may be nothing sadder than a grown man walking his bike home. I even had my backpack on for extra elementary school flashbacks. If I have gotten jumped for my lunch money under the 635 bridge, my spirit would have been crushed for weeks.

Everything is now fixed and I’m researching tougher road tires. Apparently the tires that come on bikes are meant for weekend rides once or twice a month...


Winning in the Red Zone

May 1 2007

RD2 has been working with Andrews Distributing on a number of creative projects over the past few months. This Spring, the Andrews marketing team asked us to design all the creative materials for their Annual sales meeting. The theme, “Winning in the Red Zone” is a football metaphor that speaks to the Andrews culture of giving the extra effort necessary to achieve greatness.

Andrews Distributing knows a lot about being great. Over the past two decades, they have become one of the largest beer distributors in the United States. They serve a large portion of north and central Texas with over 120 domestic and premium import beers from several brewers including Coors and Miller...


Nuts About Southwest Turns 1

Apr 27 2007

We didn’t want to let the week go by without wishing the Southwest blog a very happy first birthday. The day after the launch was one of my most memorable here at RD2. We had a pretty slow work load that afternoon which gave us a chance to watch as hundreds of people poured onto the site we built for the first time. We also began checking the Google results as several sites began to review and comment on the new blog and its design. Much to my relief, the design critics loved it. One year later, I’d like to thank Angela and the rest of the team at Southwest for trusting our little shop to deliver on such a high profile job. Looking back, I think it was a huge milestone for our company...

Making Things Stand Out

Apr 26 2007
This is an old joke, but I thought it could use a fresh viewing on our blog.

LFD logo from scratch

Apr 13 2007

We build logos from scratch here. I’m very proud of that fact. I could tell you all about our formal process with lots of big design buzz words, but I think it would be better to take you through a journey we took on a recent recent project.

Step 1: We meet with Loewinsohn Flegle Deary for over two hours for our branding kickoff meeting. The discussion involved favorite cars, architecture, interior design, music, etc. About an hour into our meeting, the magic began. Each partner began to open up about why they feel they practice law better than other guys. They talked about passion, the good feeling of a job well done, killer instincts, and the drive to do everything they could with their God-given talent. By the end of that meeting, we knew LFD...


Designing a Blog About Everything

Apr 2 2007 came to us a while ago wanting a big, fun corporate blog. We proved that the idea of “fun” and “corporate” could co-exist when we worked with Southwest last year. I can say however, it takes a lot of creative energy from both us and the client to keep the spirit light and the executives happy...