When will you read this?

Aug 10 2010

Several years ago, we did some high-level research to find out the optimal day of the week and time of day to post content. When are users most actively online reading blogs, browsing websites, exploring social media networks, etc.? To get a fresh and more current idea on these stats, we browsed through some more recent studies.

Day of Week

According to an article on Daily Blog Tips, recent studies have found that Monday and Tuesday are the most highly trafficked days of the week...


Eat Pray Love: Let Your Journey Begin!

Jul 2 2010

Once again, we’ve teamed up with the folks at STA Travel to execute a new campaign, the Eat Pray Love microsite. With the upcoming release of the film Eat Pray Love, STA Travel is launching an online campaign (and sweepstakes!) featuring special travel packages to Italy, India, and Bali – inspired by the itineraries in the film...

STA “Change Your Perspective”

Apr 21 2010

On Monday, we launched “Change Your Perspective”, a new microsite for STA Travel! As you know, we’ve worked with the awesome team at STA Travel on several websites, including the World Traveler Internship, which announced the 2010 interns last week!

STA came to us to help launch a new campaign, “Change Your Perspective”, a...

STA Travel Music Launches!

Mar 22 2010

We’ve officially launched the new STA Travel Music website!

As you know, we’ve been working with the awesome team at STA Travel on the World Traveler Internship website (US will announce the two interns April 13!). For this project, we had the opportunity to work with STA on a website dedicated to music.

STA Travel Music is built on WordPress, with a dash of jQuery and PHP in the mix...

On this day in RD2 History…

Feb 12 2010

Back in 2006 on February 12th, our team launched two great websites: the Southwest Airlines Adopt-A-Pilot Blog and the Rough Creek Lodge website. Both websites are special memories in our history.

The Southwest Airlines Adopt-A-Pilot blog was our first opportunity to work with the amazing team at Southwest Airlines. The website served as a new tool for the Adopt-A-Pilot program and was created to bring the pilots closer to the classrooms. The Adopt-A-Pilot Blog launch created a buzz locally.

On the same day, we announced the launch of a completely different website, the new website for Rough Creek Lodge...

FirstSouthwest.com Launches!

Feb 4 2010

Recently our favorite Bank, PlainsCapital, joined forces with FirstSouthwest. You probably already know from previous posts that we love the team at PlainsCapital, and now there’s more to love. It has been a substantial effort in creating a new web presence for FirstSouthwest but again we’ve seen what applying the right process within the right team can do for projects like this.

FirstSouthwest came to us with a challenge – to create a website that would incorporate all of FirstSouthwest’s services, while maintaining a consistent overall brand across the website. It was important that each sector have space to showcase their expertise and provide key tools to their clients...

STA Travel YouTube Channel

Feb 2 2010

As you know, we recently launched the new STA Travel World Traveler Internship website. In addition to the new website, the team at STA Travel and the World Traveler Interns post media on their own social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25 2009

What? Were you expecting a cornucopia of Turkey and all the dressings for our Thanksgiving post card? We could have gone that route and it would have looked cool, but would it have made you stop and think? Probably not. So, we decided to take a different path. In case you are still wondering, this is the chemical compound for tryptophan, the ‘special ingredient’ believed to make us all drowsy after gorging on Turkey...