Chris Hipp, 8/6/1961 – 7/14/2009

Jul 14 2009

I’m without words, but not because I don’t know what to say….it’s because there are so many words I’m finding it hard to know where to start. There are certainly some great stories I’d like to share, in good time.

Today Chris Hipp went to race in the big criterium in the sky. His adventures and antics will amaze you and some may have you in tears of laughter...


Hard Labor

Apr 27 2006
This was during my ride up Old La Honda Road. Chris Hipp took this photo and I decided to post it since I am so blurred out that you cannot see how huge I am more like a blurry figure just dancing up the hill. From the right angle, and if I squint my eyes just right, I think it resembles Lance.

Woolly Mammoth Meets Der Hipptler

Apr 27 2006

That’s right, Woolly Mammoth. A name that was given to me some time ago. I think it was early in the season, before I shaved my legs. It was probably an icy cold morning and some of my 150 pound friends on bikes half jokingly called me the Woolly Mammoth because I was really big and kind of furry.

Then there’s Der Hipptler. A real trouble maker. Good at ruining the days of many a dreamer (12k dreamer that is). Otherwise known as Hippstar. Chris Hipp is still alive...

Chris’ Church

Mar 31 2006

Chris Hipp is the father of Blade Computing. He is now living in Redwood City, California. The other day he picked me up from my hotel and took me on the most unbelievable drive through the mountains just near his house. Chris and I used to race out of Dallas, Texas. I think this was his way of just showing me how great he has it now. At the time I shot this picture, Chris had been telling me how all of the problems of the world melt away when he rides his bicycle through here...


Rays of Light

Mar 31 2006
I was with my friend, Chris Hipp, as he was showing me the incredible rides he is doing just a few miles from his house. I could not resist the temptation of snapping a few pics.

Pounding Idiots

Dec 8 2005

It has been Sunday since I had my last workout. And, my diet is not happening. Lots of bad stuff over the past couple of days. I am in San Jose visiting a client (LogLogic). Apparently, the weather is bad enough in Dallas for my flight to have been cancelled. Of course, I thought I would be home more quickly than this, so I did not think to pack any workout gear.

So, what did I do with my time besides catch up with work? I had a visit with my old buddy Chris Hipp – AKA Pounding Idiot. Chris is a top-ranked, 44-year-old professional bicycle racer who now lives in the Bay area...