Merry Christmas (2010)

Dec 23 2010

What happened to this year? It seems like just yesterday we were signing off for Christmas. Since last Christmas we’ve been going at warp speed and it seems like we blinked and here we are again.

Lots to be Merry about this year. Lots of really great launches have been celebrated here with the RD2 family. We’re looking forward to a little down time with family and friends...


Christmas Music

Dec 20 2006

We started the RD2 Christmas music listening yesterday. The general feeling is that, cynics be damned, six days out (five now) is fair game for a little community Christmas spirit-bringing through music.

I, personally, quite enjoy some good holiday music. Notice the word choice: good holiday music. Sappy songs about saving up to buy your poor mother shoes need not apply.

Great Christmas albums I’ve been listening to this season:

Ray Charles – The Spirit of Christmas The Blind Boys of Alabama – Go Tell it on the Mountain Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy David Jr...