Traffic Metrics Require Context

Oct 2 2012

Last Friday, Chris posed a question to the team regarding the traffic numbers that various analytics tools provide: why do we trust the numbers so much, regardless of their source? This got me thinking… why do we put so much faith into the numbers we’re looking at? Are we applying the correct context to these metrics?

I did some further research into two different tools we leverage at RD2, Inc...

Google+: Start your conversation (Opinion)

Aug 8 2012

Google+ is a digital lifestyle management tool, not a social network. Its use cases are fundamentally different from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

I find myself having a specific conversation with my friends and family with increasing frequency: social media. It came up again two weekends ago when I was watching a time-shifted broadcast of some Olympic events (men’s gymnastics, women’s powerlifting, and men/women’s swimming), in part due to the amount of chatter on Twitter about various athletes and events...

Create Your Google Profile

May 7 2009

Tonight I was cruising through my trusty google feed reader and came across this post on setting up your google profile. It’s really easy and quick to do. You can provide either just enough information or you can provide all kinds of ways for people to find and contact you. For me, I simply gave enough of my online sources (such as my twitter account: @cronan) to allow people to find and connect without giving away my phone numbers to the WWW. You can also use a third party service to verify your identity.

It’s not something that I might have done except that recently I have been connecting with some old friends on facebook...

To Do’s: Dirt Simple

Mar 11 2009

At least for the time being, we’re using Google Apps. It’s easy, cheap, and so far has been reliable (we’ve not been affected by some of the outage reports lately). Having every to do list manager known to man, I’ve settled into the Google To Do list app, otherwise known as “Tasks.” It’s just a list. You can add stuff with simple keystrokes and hot keys directly from email. You can re-order items. You can assign dates to tasks if you like. Where other GTD managers have been cumbersome (at least for me) is how “organized” they are. This little Task app is stupid-simple...

My Social Media Move

Jan 17 2009

It has been an extremely busy time at RD2, and thus the blog has been a little quiet for the past few days. Part of that busy-ness for me has been moving. I have moved to Houston, am continuing to work for RD2 remotely, and will be in town frequently for client meetings and such.

I had lived in the same house for my entire life until I went to college. And I have moved every single year since then.

Social Media has been a part of my life for a long time, but I made this move using Social Media tools almost exclusively...

Google video chatting

Nov 13 2008

Below is a picture of Chris and me Google video chatting (introduced this week) from across the office yesterday. To set up your google account for video, visit

The image quality is a lot better than I expected (check out the full screen!), and it sounds good to boot...



Google 411

Feb 14 2008

Since we switched to Google Apps for business functions like email and calendar scheduling, I’ve spent more time than ever with Google on my computer screen.

Need I mention how often I also rely on Google offline?

Google 411 is Google’s (free) answer to finding whitepages information on the go. Sure calling is a cool option, but my favorite feature is the texting (surprise)...



links for 2005-08-06

Aug 6 2005
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