Launch: Naked Pizza reveals all

Feb 27 2013

Pizza. That magical pie that has all four food groups in it. Pizza. That wonderful, round, savory food – perfect at childhood slumber parties or for pulling all-nighters in College. Pizza. Hot or Cold, it doesn’t matter.

I guess they are out there, but I have yet to find anyone who does not appreciate the beauty that is pizza. Even some of the pickiest eaters I know hold pizza in high regard...

Launch: Maxava maximizes availability with a new responsive website design

Feb 26 2013

Maxava is a company that is based on responsiveness. Their products help companies react with agility, “when every second counts for high availability.” The case studies of Maxava tell amazing stories about the challenges companies face today in the world of high available data.

When Maxava approached RD2 to help them update their website, we knew their next website had to be accessible to as many people as possible – it had to be responsive. Given the complex nature of their business however, crafting a new responsive website design involved a substantial UX effort to make sure that all content that was accessible on the desktop was also accessible on any device...

Launch: RD2 crafts a new responsive website design for The Funding Network, Australia.

Feb 18 2013

RD2 just crafted and launched a new responsive website design for Australian addition to The Funding Network. The Funding Network is a UK based non-profit that takes a unique approach to raising funds for other non-profits…LIVE crowd funding. Having had great success in the UK, the Australian branch is one of several offshoots meant to expand their ecosystem of giving.

With initial setup and funding still in it’s infancy, the Australian arm contacted RD2 to help quickly establish their online presence in a way that was in-line with their published promotional materials, and that would help build buzz about new projects...

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Nov 26 2008

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a quick post for all you foodies out there about a favorite food and recipe blog of mine.

I recently discovered the Bread & Honey food blog, a blog started by two foodies, Summer Allen-Gibson and Alicia Lynn Carrier. Both authors are young moms who love cooking food, creating new recipes, and sharing inspirational, and often times, funny stories surrounding the food...



RD2 Case Study on PBWiki

Aug 21 2008

RD2 is excited to be featured as PBWiki’s latest case study!

“No matter how organized you are, people always underestimate how difficult it is to create the content and get it into the web site.” – Chris Ronan

RD2 uses PB Wiki to better organize this often painful process, and increase efficiency in collaborative content efforts...

links for 2008-07-15

Jul 14 2008
360-degree feedback – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 360 peer review feedback. Here’s a reference on Wikipedia. Wrote one of these a long time ago as a custom application. Tony mentioned to me the parallels between this concept and what we are doing on the Productivity Suite

links for 2008-06-27

Jun 26 2008
What’s Business-Casual Attire? business casual attire RD2 — Research, Design, Develop RD2, Inc. website – RD2 is a design company focusing on building communities and conversations


LUV Links

May 6 2008
Southwest Airlines Takes Corporate Blogging to the Next Level: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance Yahoo Finance on Southwest Launch AIRLINE BIZ Blog | The Dallas Morning News AviationBlog on Southwest Launch

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