STA Travel Music Launches!

Mar 22 2010

We’ve officially launched the new STA Travel Music website!

As you know, we’ve been working with the awesome team at STA Travel on the World Traveler Internship website (US will announce the two interns April 13!). For this project, we had the opportunity to work with STA on a website dedicated to music.

STA Travel Music is built on WordPress, with a dash of jQuery and PHP in the mix...

Target: RIAA’s Best Friend

Jul 17 2008

Target’s marketing group has become nearly famous for running a unique commercial every month featuring a song from a usually obscure artist. It’s amazing how each commercial will actually fuel the sales of that particular song for a few months afterwards. If you watch on iTunes, you’ll see said song jump to that artist’s “top songs” list in very short time.

This month’s commercial features Dolly Parton’s “More Where That Came From,” which I just love. (Sue me.)

While most of the commercials are nothing more than an exercise in gluttonous exposure with overly ambiguous messaging, I just love this particular one because the song is just perfect for the message of the commercial...



Apple store is down for updates – new iPod?

Sep 5 2007

Maybe you’ve heard that Apple is making some sort of announcement today. Rumor suggests (and I sincerely hope) the announcement will be about the iPod line.

Currently the Apple store is down, which makes me think new product is going up (and we will know what that product is very soon).

The thing I love about Apple is that more often than not when new product is announced, I can go to the Apple store and buy it same day...


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Cat Power at The Granada

Aug 20 2007

Music is something that has always been a huge part of my life. One of the first memories I have is of my Dad picking me up from kindergarten after he was called due to my haphazardness involving the sharp corner of a table, and the introduction it had with my chin. You learn at a young age never to run with scissors, but I was never told not to run and jump towards tables. What this has to do with my early love of music is that I can distinctly remember the entire drive to the hospital, my dad horribly singing along to The Rolling Stones song, Satisfaction...


Art of the Week

Jun 22 2007
Hi. Art of the week has been changed temporarily to Artist of the Week in dedication to Drew Goren. I just found out about this guy, his work, and his family. His work as well as the photos of he and his daughter really touched me. What a life! Cheers to your legacy, Drew. Photo Blog Portfolio Memorial

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I’m a Deadman

Jan 15 2007

This friday (January 19th) I will have the pleasure of joining Deadman at Bend Studio. We will be opening up for Sorta. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing either of these two bands, you are in for a real treat! (I just hope I can learn the set in time. ha!….yikes) Get your tickets soon!

Event and ticket information can be found at


Tunes For Getting Work Done

Jan 8 2007

To be laser focused, the right tunes are essential. My lists of favorite artists are from Bob Dylan to Skinny Puppy. For getting serious work done though, I need less words and minimal beats. In my Sennheisers tonight: powered by ODEO


Christmas Music

Dec 20 2006

We started the RD2 Christmas music listening yesterday. The general feeling is that, cynics be damned, six days out (five now) is fair game for a little community Christmas spirit-bringing through music.

I, personally, quite enjoy some good holiday music. Notice the word choice: good holiday music. Sappy songs about saving up to buy your poor mother shoes need not apply.

Great Christmas albums I’ve been listening to this season:

Ray Charles – The Spirit of Christmas The Blind Boys of Alabama – Go Tell it on the Mountain Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy David Jr...