Meet Grant Dalton

Oct 4 2011

Twice now we’ve had the unique opportunity to work with Grant Dalton and his team at Emirates Team New Zealand. As I mentioned in a previous post, Grant is one of those guys who seeks adventure at every turn. He’s sailed around the world (many times), he’s done some insane motorbike tours, he’s run an Iron Man, and now he’s launched a social media blog for Emirates Team New Zealand… and along the way it all feels like another adventure...

WOW! Launches Online Community

Dec 9 2009

There’s this really cool cable company who services the Mid West and are headquartered in Denver, Colorado. We’ve had the opportunity to launch a completely new Social Media program for them this past week. It’s been a very rewarding journey.

Meeting WOW! is going on my checklist for a blog post I’m formulating about the things to be thankful for in 2009. We’re lucky that we seem to have been able to work with people who are hyper intelligent and just make amazing partners.

WOW! has recently been awarded their tenth JD Power and Associates Award for Customer Service. Their most recent three awards from JD Power came all at one time for Residential Television, Residential Internet, and Residential Phone Service...