Clients in the news:

Dec 15 2008

A few weeks ago we announced the relaunch of This morning, National Credit Report made the official announcement in the form of this press release.

Here is an excerpt from the release:

Steel Vaults Launches ...

RD2 Case Study on PBWiki

Aug 21 2008

RD2 is excited to be featured as PBWiki’s latest case study!

“No matter how organized you are, people always underestimate how difficult it is to create the content and get it into the web site.” – Chris Ronan

RD2 uses PB Wiki to better organize this often painful process, and increase efficiency in collaborative content efforts...

LUV Links

May 6 2008
Southwest Airlines Takes Corporate Blogging to the Next Level: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance Yahoo Finance on Southwest Launch AIRLINE BIZ Blog | The Dallas Morning News AviationBlog on Southwest Launch

, ,

SWA Press Release on

May 6 2008

UPDATE: The CNN URL has changed, but you can also check out the press release on Yahoo business here:

== We’re thrilled to see this press release on CNN Money on the Nuts About Southwest launch.

If you scroll down, you’ll see a quote from ...

Southwest and RD2 Get Rave Reviews!

Jun 27 2006

It has been great watching the success of Southest Airline’s corporate blog, Nuts About Southwest since launch two months ago. Last week, Easton Ellsworth reviewed the blog on

From Ellsworth:

“Yes! Finally! A corporate blog that emphasizes its visitors! I’m impressed.” “Now this is the way corporate blogs should be – conversational, friendly, open and even fun...

RD2 and Southwest in the News

Jun 1 2006

So, this is pretty cool:

Southwest Airlines sent out the company’s latest press release Wednesday on working with RD2 on the Southwest corporate blog.

A quick Google search for the title of the press release yielded over 11,000 results...