Groundswell Launches Technographics Tool

Nov 6 2008

Back in August, we wrote a blog post about our internal discussions on the book, Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research. In particular, we blogged about the Social Technographics ladder, a tool that breaks online users into groups based on their participation online.

Groundswell categorizes users by their general online activity and participation in social media...

Upgrade Your Google Maps Listing

Aug 22 2008

Did you know? It’s easy and free to customize your company’s Google maps listing (the listing that occurs when someone searches for the address of your business in Google maps). You can even incorporate photos and videos to tell potential customers more about you.

Step 1: Log in

To create a customized listing in Google Maps: - Navigate to - Log into your google account - Click “Add New Listing”

Step 2: Create Listing

From here you will have the option to specify Company/Organization name, Street Address/City/State/ZIP, Phone, and Email address. As you type, the preview window will show what the listing will look like...

RD2 Case Study on PBWiki

Aug 21 2008

RD2 is excited to be featured as PBWiki’s latest case study!

“No matter how organized you are, people always underestimate how difficult it is to create the content and get it into the web site.” – Chris Ronan

RD2 uses PB Wiki to better organize this often painful process, and increase efficiency in collaborative content efforts...

Making better decisions – CMS Solutions

Aug 14 2008

We talk a lot about content management on the RD2 blog… usually about which tool works best in which situation… Drupal vs. WordPress, open source vs. enterprise solution… etc.

In determining the ROI of a CMS solution, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. There are the benefits – increased organizational efficiency being the major one for most users. The ability to easily keep their web presence up-to-date is invaluable to many of our clients. But there are also costs...

Tag clouds are so hot right now.

Aug 11 2008

I love a cool tag cloud. Wordle allows you to create custom tag clouds based on any site, RSS feed, or block of text. You can then customize with font, color, and shape choices.

Here’s one I created from the RD2 blog:



Introducing Productivity Suite

Jul 11 2008

This afternoon we are launching what we’ve been referring to as “Productivity Suite” – a software product (currently in beta) from our new company called RD2 Labs. Productivity Suite is a productivity application that is unlike anything that has been done before.

There is always a push to be more productive...

SWA podcasts on iTunes

Jun 23 2008

We’ve been posting screencasts on Nuts About Southwest, our latest project with Southwest Airlines. When building the site, it was important for us that users be able to access as much content as they wanted on the site, or view each piece separately in various forms. This way more users could interact with more content in more ways, fitting various life styles and preferences. The last few screencasts have been focused around how to interact with Southwest content off the actual site – so far, on Flickr and through RSS feeds...

Screencast #3 – The Southwest flickr Feed

May 14 2008

We’ve added a lot of functionality to Nuts About Southwest (Airlines), and we’re filming this screencast series to be sure that none of the cool new features get lost in the excitement of a new site. The following screencast is “a behind the scenes look” at the flickr images you see on the Nuts About Southwest site...