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Nov 9 2005
BlackBerry Hacks by Dave Mabe

links for 2005-10-26

Oct 26 2005
Liquid Designs – Gallery of Liquid/Fluid-width Layouts “Liquid Designs is a gallery of CSS based websites with liquid layouts. It serves as a place for inspiration on liquid design as well as resources for designers.”

Entourage — There’s Some Hope

Oct 22 2005

With the new updates to Entourage from Microsoft, there’s some hope for those of us who have very specific needs for the power that Exchange 2000 brings to business users, but who do not use Outlook. Yes, for those of us who are mac users, the only sensible choice is still Entourage. Sure, the new tools that are available to us on OSX Mail and iCal seem nice, but unless I am mistaken, they still do not work for adequate Exchnage calendar sharing and Exchange integration. Of those who have tried to cross the gap are:

GroupCal – by: Snerdware – With the release of Tiger, we are still waiting for the new patch to get us up and running again...

links for 2005-10-03

Oct 3 2005
Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005 (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox) “The oldies continue to be goodies — or rather, baddies — in the list of design stupidities that irked users the most in 2005.”

links for 2005-09-21

Sep 21 2005
Usability News – Bunnyfoot Research into Pop-Ups shows Users Hate Them “The result of testing 36 individuals conducting tasks on two comparable websites indicates an intense dislike for pop-up ads, resulting in a negative attitude towards the website itself and the brand owner.”

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Sep 20 2005
43 Folders | Writing sensible email messages “If you want to be a good email citizen and ensure the kind of results you’re looking for, you’ll need to craft messages that are concise and easy to deal with.”

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Sep 14 2005
ShellExtension :: Products :: “ShellExtension adds an option to context menu that allows you to view a thumbnail of an image, convert it to any of supported formats and print them.”

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Sep 10 2005
HTML/CSS Developer We're hiring. Come work with us.