My Second First Day at RD2

May 15 2006

My name is Caitlin Kaluza. I am a senior Marketing major at Texas A&M University, and a current RD2 intern.

I’ll never forget my first first day at RD2 last winter. Here I was, a scared intern who only half knew what she was getting herself into. The people seemed nice enough, and I seemed to know what I was doing enough to convince them I was worth paying more than minimum wage.

My first assignment came because, as is often the case, everyone else was busy. They needed a voice to read a script for a flash piece for a client. It was simply to gauge timing, nothing intense. So, after a brief round of introductions and about 20 minutes at my desk, I was handed a laptop and a typed script and told “It doesn’t really matter if you jumble the words… just keep going so we can get the general gist.�

I was also instructed that the best acoustics were under the massive conference room table.

I was more than a little uncomfortable, and hoped that crawling under the structure and closing the door would leave me unheard and unseen from the rest of the office. Crouched under the table and thanking God that I had not worn a skirt that day, I started work at the most enjoyable job I have ever held.

My first last day came at the end of the 2006 winter break. I was presented a cookie cake with a very formal icing graphic of a foot kicking a soccer ball and the word “GOOOOOOOOOOAL!!� across the top. It seems this is the design that provided the most icing surface area, and I more than appreciated the gesture. A quick hug from a few team members (and some mockery from others for said hugs) later and I was out the door.

Now I’m back, interning for the summer and ready for a new set of challenges and odd stories to share.


3 Comments to “My Second First Day at RD2”

  1. Welcome back Caitlin! Maybe one day you will ask an intern to make a voice recording under the conference room table. For the record, I had nothing to do with that request and i claim no association to the person who did.

    By chris ronan on May 15th, 2006 at 9:58 pm
  2. Caitlin, indeed we are all happy you are back on board with us. If you want to prove to me you feel the same, then you will not mind moving yourself into the kitchen so I can have MY DESK BACK! Sitting on the steps outside is not very professional.

    By larry on May 17th, 2006 at 12:44 pm
  3. I would love to do that for you Larry, but unfortunately the 20″ screen on this iMac is not quite as portable as would be required for that relocation. Maybe the new RD2 space will have nicer looking steps.

    By caitlin on May 17th, 2006 at 12:51 pm

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