“Fear Is the Mind Killer”

Dec 23 2006

When I was at the conference in Sonoma, there were several comments that were so inspiring, I had to write them in my notebook. Phillip Rosedale (CEO of Linden Lab) made the comment, “Fear Is the Mind Killer.” He was so right. We are working on some things that are extremely cool. Applications that bring businesses a huge step closer to realizing the power of some of these emerging technologies. To make things more challenging, RD2 has always been all about taking it a step further. It’s not enough just to figure out how the technologies work…the job is never done until a compelling user experience is created. To push the envelope by allowing design to be all it can be within the realm of the new technologies we are working with. If we had never confronted the fear, we would not have been able to close the last few weeks without so much learning and hard-earned experience.

I know it was a simple statement, but without blowing past fear, we could never grow. More to come…

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