Handango Blog Launched!

Nov 24 2007

Now this is a subject that I can get into… Let’s see, small electronic devices that can make telephone calls, act as my personal information manager, guide me on my travels with GPS navigation, email, chat and instant message, not to mention thousands of other uses that could be performed on the hand held mobile device of our choice! Not a bad set of subject matter to create a blog for, when you first think about it.

Handango Blog Screen

Most of the time when we get calls from customers who want blogs, we have to ask the simple, three-letter question. “WHY?” As Handango called out in their very first post, “there are more than 110 million blogs already and 175,000 new ones created every day.” It’s no secret to anyone capable of performing a simple google search, that blogs are becoming almost another form of SPAM. We all agreed at the time that Handango was a prime candidate to enter the blogging community, but the questions behind the “WHY” were the “what, how, who, and who cares?”.

To answer these questions we first performed a little research on the general market to understand the language and contexts for which users communicate. We explored the subjects and the material. Even before we looked at any competitors, it started to become obvious as to where the opportunity came to play for the world’s largest hand held software provider to make its social media debut. In so many categories, blogging is a field of copy cats. There are millions of content poachers who seemingly try to mask their poaching by simply referencing someone else’s authentic content, taking advantage of linking, tagging, and aggregating topics. While there’s a plethora of technical data, reviews, and product comparison information out there, it seems the market was severely lacking in the area of authentic content.

It’s more of a simple recipe than a needle in a haystack. Handango is a company who has a culture and set of core values that told us exactly where to look…and finding the recipe was not far from home. While the customers of Handango arguably can be technically savvy, there are plenty of users who are less interested in the technical data points and more interested in the impact of their mobile devices on their lives. We explored a few personas:

  • Aspiring professional who wishes to be sophisticated in how his/her mobile device compliments their work style
  • Conversation piece for aspiring professional who explains to his/her pals how GPS software helped get him/her out of a jam
  • Soccer mom who uses GTD software to manage everyone else’s schedules, including her own, to bring some sanity back into her life
  • Mother of three who finds it easy to take pictures of her children from her cell phone and easily integrate and upload pictures to online photo management service to share with distant relatives
  • Aspiring professional who uses camera phone to take snapshot of location he/she parks car at airport to ensure he/she does not spend hours looking for car after return flight
  • Aspiring professional who uses latest media package to super charge his/her Windows Mobile Device as an MP3 and Movie player instead of having to carry an extra iPod while traveling.

There are so many more stories and scenarios, the list can continue forever. This emerging market is so exciting and after some careful planning, forming a stellar blog team, and deploying a great looking blog, we think that Handango is another perfect storm for creating authentic content that people will care about in this hot technology space. Here are a few great stories generated by the Handango team to kick things off:

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