My new obsession: Mobile Content Creation

Dec 29 2008

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! This Christmas season, as I was out and about (without my computer) with family and friends and even more family, I am again remembering my affinity for mobile content creation.

Below are reviews of my favorite mobile content creation tools. I’d love to hear your additions to the list!

  • Twitterific iPhone app
  • WordPress iPhone app
  • Flickr via e-mail


photo22 twitterific on iphone

Twitterific is an iPhone application that allows me to keep up with my Twitter feeds and post tweets. It’s really easy to add a location (using iPhone GPS) or an image (using iPhone images) to your tweet.

My favorite feature: Adding a picture. Just click the camera button and choose your picture. Twitterific uploads it to twitpic and adds the short URL to your tweet for you.
My least favorite feature: When there is limited internet access (at a concert, sporting event, or any large gathering of people), Twitterific almost never works. It will either fail to post, or appear to post but not actually appear online… losing your tweet. I’m sure this problem is much less prevalent on 3G.



I am a big fan of the WordPress iPhone app. The flow is intuitive and it includes virtually all of the features WordPress itself includes. It’s very easy to create posts on the fly.

My favorite feature: Managing multiple blogs. I can easily switch between and manage the drafts of the RD2 blog and my personal blog
My least favorite feature: As fantastic as this app is, it won’t replace blogging on a screen. Adding images and previewing the post is not abundantly easy. Photos are “attached” at the bottom of the post. Also – it would be great to have admin capabilities like comment moderation built in.

Flickr via e-mail

Flickr has a ton of ways to upload images. One of my favorite ways to upload mobile images is via Flickr e-mail uploader. Log in and visit for the e-mail address you can send pictures to to automatically upload them to your account.The subject line will become the title of the image, and any body text will become the description.


My favorite feature: I particularly enjoy blogging via flickr. The images look really clean, and you can customize the layout of the post. Just set up your blog (login and visit and you will receive an additional e-mail address. Send a message to this e-mail address with the image in it and the image will upload to flickr and the blog post will be posted in the template you have chosen. Again, subject line becomes the post title and body text is the post. You can also define tags using the text “tags: tag1, tag2″ in the subject or body.
My least favorite feature: As posting occurs via e-mail, there is no previewing and editing must be done within the blog engine. So don’t make a mistake!

2 Comments to “My new obsession: Mobile Content Creation”

  1. A personal favorite of mine: Jott: voice-to-text service
    Writing’s for suckers! I used Jott more before they moved some of the most useful integration points behind the premium service paywall, but it’s still a great tool for scribing on the run and Jott Links to lifestreaming services like Twitter, Facebook and WordPress are still part of the free basic package.

    By Jim Gross on December 29th, 2008 at 4:21 pm
  2. My other favorite feature of all this stuff? They’re all free.

    By Caitlin Kaluza on December 30th, 2008 at 10:47 am

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