Cool Twitter tool:

Feb 5 2009

BJ recommended to me a few days ago and I have to say I love it.

What is is a URL shortening service (like tinyurl or snipurl) that turns long URLs into short ones, perfect for pasting into Twitter, Facebook statuses, or other places where character count… counts.

Count Von Count

What makes cool? is cool because you can create an account and it shows stats for all of your trimmed links. How many people clicked on it, where they came from, etc.

Trim Your URLs

You can also define what you want the shortened URL to be. It’s going to be … something, so you can define what that something is (If it’s not taken).

What makes extremely cool?

There is a great Mac Dashboard widget that lets you trim new URLs and track your previously trimmed URLs in one easy place.

Trim Dashboard Widget

When should you use

Now. Right now. Use it, love it, tweet it, track your results!



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