Triple S Aviation: Paper System

Feb 15 2010


Even though Triple S Aviation has been a part of our work portfolio for quite some time now, we want to show our print work in a different light. Rather than just flat art, we want to really showcase the beauty that print work needs and deserves. So, we grabbed our trusty Nikon D300 , a nice pine wood surface and some in-house lighting a la RD2 studio and there you have it, a make-shift photoshoot. We hope you enjoy viewing the Triple S work in a different way now. Also take note the nice embossing work on the logo. We were very happy how that turned out thanks to Millet The Printer. Also, stay tuned for more of this type of photo work with more of the RD2 print work currently in our stable.










One Comment to “Triple S Aviation: Paper System”

  1. I love these print pieces, Rey pulled off a tricky gate fold in that brochure, it came out very well.

    By Robbie Michael on February 17th, 2010 at 11:30 pm

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