Today Is The Day! #RD2 #KnowFair

Oct 21 2011

RD2 Know Fair! Competition 2011

Today is the First Annual RD2 Know Fair! Competition and we are chomping at the bit! Our official shirts arrived last night (Thanks to Patty for picking them up and John for being so quick to print them!) and they look great. If you should happen to be at the Texas State Fair today, if a group of people sprinting around juggling beers, corn dogs and smartphones doesn’t give us away, these shirts will hopefully do the trick.

Rules and Submission Guidelines

The scavenger hunt has very few rules.
1.    Keep it creative
2.    Keep it clean
3.    Keep it on time
4.    Keep it only images (no supporting text)

Each team’s submissions will be made via the RD2 blog. Fans following the event can vote for your submissions via Twitter and via the blog by commenting on posts. Each of these items will be required to be submitted by the times listed below. Each post will include a #TeamHog or #TeamHen and the main #KnowFair hashtag so everyone can identify the submission and we can tally the votes later.

Looking to talk a little smack? Keep it clean and let’s see what you got (just keep it off the blog). Include #KnowFair and come out swinging!

RD2 Fair Scavenger Hunt Schedule

Assuming we start @2:30pm

2:42 pm    Something 1st

2:56 pm    Something Last

3:06 pm    Something Out of Place

3:18 pm    Something Cut Off

3:30 pm    Something Disguised

3:42 pm    Something Obvious

3:56 pm    Something Fail

4:06 pm    Something Win

4:18 pm    Something Pristine

4:30 pm    Something Dilapidated


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  1. I vote Team Hog!

    By Lucia on October 22nd, 2011 at 8:43 pm

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