Target: RIAA’s Best Friend

Jul 17 2008

Target’s marketing group has become nearly famous for running a unique commercial every month featuring a song from a usually obscure artist. It’s amazing how each commercial will actually fuel the sales of that particular song for a few months afterwards. If you watch on iTunes, you’ll see said song jump to that artist’s “top songs” list in very short time.

This month’s commercial features Dolly Parton’s “More Where That Came From,” which I just love. (Sue me.)

While most of the commercials are nothing more than an exercise in gluttonous exposure with overly ambiguous messaging, I just love this particular one because the song is just perfect for the message of the commercial...



Masters of Creativity

Jun 16 2008
When it comes to being creative, the Japanese are difficult to beat. In the following game show, contestants view a video of a guy trying to learn English. If they laugh, they get punished. Awesome idea? Yeah, totally.

Golden Trailer Awards

Jun 6 2008
Just in case you missed the show last month, here is the full list of winners: And below, one of my all time favorite trailers:

Best show ever made?

May 27 2008
They don't make them like this anymore!

The Steak Quest Continues: Mignon

May 18 2008

Last night I decided to continue my Steak Quest to find the best steakhouse in DFW.

So, here’s an update:

We’ve already determined through internal discussions that Ft. Worth isn’t included in this search because it’s just too freakin’ far. Sorry, maybe next time. The first contestant was the Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse in downtown Dallas. I ate chips, meat, and pudding. It was splendid.

By taking an informal poll of everyone at our office and random, unsuspecting people on the street, here’s the entire list of steakhouses that’ll be subjected to my taste testing:


My Assessment of Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

May 12 2008

Last week, my brother and I had a discussion on who has the best steakhouse in the Dallas area. He insists it’s Three Forks restaurant, another colleague of mine claims the title belongs to Mignon in Plano, and personally I’m undecided.

So, this week I’m on a quest to find the Best Steakhouse in the Dallas area. The prize? Absolutely nothing, except maybe some dignity and a little publicity on our primo blog.

The criteria? I’ll rate everything from the atmosphere, to the service, and obviously the food. But mostly the food. There’s no scoring system or any of that nonsense...


Tourism Broadcasting

Apr 27 2008
Does tourism broadcast advertising really work? Have you ever gone on vacation because of a commercial or some other advert? I had my doubts, until I saw this commercial. Maybe I'm biased because I'm a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and I totally miss his movies.

Covenant: Bullet

Apr 26 2008
What happens when you mix a David Gahan-inspired voice with electronica and high cheek bones? COVENANT, THAT'S WHAT!