Greg Seal Launches

Jun 25 2007

Dr. Greg Seal, prothodontist, gets a great looking site courtesy of RD2.

We first met Dr. Seal back in December; he was friends of Larry. We soon realized that he was serious about making people’s teeth look good and function properly. We knew that the best way to impress him was to show him our commitment to making things look good and function properly.

He had a site that was pretty good, and another one that was even better, but had been halted in production and never made live. We knew we’d have to blow it out of the water if we wanted to do it right. A special thanks to Jeff and all his hard work...

A Good Laugh is Always Welcome

Apr 4 2007

When I was younger someone told me: if given the option of getting upset, or laughing, always choose laughing – especially when this is at your own expense. And I’ve found this true in so many different occasions. A good laugh can instantly erase hours of frustration, or days of resentment, or even weeks of stress.

The other day, I was driving towards yet another early meeting, which would kick off yet another long, demanding day. Stuck in traffic and frustrated at the thousands of other people who thought they had a right to the road at this God-forsaken hour, I called Jenny to tell her I would be late to our meeting. She didn’t answer, so I left her a message, telling her that I was a bit behind, but would be there in a few short minutes...


Southwest Wanna Get Away

Dec 13 2006

With the holiday spirit abound and many people planning winter vacations, the thought of getting the heck out of Dodge is almost palpable. Not bad timing for Southwest Airlines’ newest addition to the online community: a brand new video blog inviting all to post their versions of the popular “Wanna Get Away” ad campaign. The site was launched yesterday, and has had well over 1,000 unique visitors already.

The idea behind reflects one of the main components of web 2.0: allowing users to contribute content. Anyone from the general public is able to create their own “Wanna Get Away” moment, film it, upload it to YouTube, and submit it to Southwest...