Elbowz on VeloNews

Apr 11 2011

Today we found out that the Elbowz Racing Team Kit and photography as taken by our resident photographer and boss man, Chris Ronan, was featured in VeloNews Magazine. VeloNews is the world’s number one international cycling magazine. We are proud and excited to see the Elbowz Racing Team take it so far...


Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 24 2010

If you are one to stay updated on the latest current events both domestic and international, it is very easy to get down and probably a little nervous. Fret not, this post will not cover any of that jibber-jabber. This is all about being thankful for the things we take for granted and the things we don’t take for granted. Friends, family, health, freedom, and work. These are just a few things we are all thankful for at RD2. We are quickly closing out 2010 and to say it has been a roller coaster year for us would be an understatement. We have had ups and downs. Every turn, even the blind turns were opportunities for us to learn and grow as a company. And we are thankful for that...


Wonder Bikes Featured on BIKEEXIF.com

Nov 12 2010

Chris Hunter at BikeExif.com is building a really cool brand. Whether or not you are into motorcycles he’s put together quite a collection……there’s something for everyone. For us, it’s a big deal to see Jason Wonder’s motorcycle company featured on BikeExif. Specifically, the REV 2 is featured. This is the bike that caught my attention on BIKEEXIF in the first place which prompted me to call Wonder Bikes. I’ll have the REV 3 soon, can’t wait...


Thank You: Veterans Day 2010

Nov 11 2010

It’s difficult to imagine living in a land where our safety and freedoms are compromised. The life that we have is worth living because of the sacrifices of so many. Today we honor our veterans, past and present. We thank you for your contributions and your ultimate sacrifice. Your services are not something we take lightly as we owe it to you all to live the good and full lives you believed in when you chose your paths in life...

Wonder Wall Papers

Nov 9 2010

We put together some screen wall papers for ourselves here at the office and then felt it would be a good idea to share them...


Wonder T-Shirt Prints

Nov 9 2010

Here are a few snaps from the night we launched the Wonder Bikes website. Robbie was able to have a screen made and we ordered some t-shirts...


Pure Black Bike Lust

Oct 21 2010

By day I’m at RD2 and by mornings I’m riding (hopefully not tumbling). Lately we have had some cycling stuff mixed in at RD2. For me this is always a pleasant distraction. We’re helping a couple of teams, one domestic and one in New Zealand, with some marketing and design. Today I’ve been particularly glued to a press event by the Pure Black Racing Team in New Zealand.

A friend and client, Greg Cross, is helping to pull together this really cool team. I’ve made a couple of twitter posts today to their press releases. So, today, sometime during their event, Greg sent me these official photos of the Pure Black Racing Bikes by Avanti.

Take a close look at the details...


RD2 Gets Social

Oct 1 2010
RD2 Movie Day today! We will be sure and update our Status on Facebook.