Twitter stats and starting your own corporate Twitter account

Dec 11 2008

Twitter is my current addiction. It’s been great, especially as we launched our big news this week. Hours after the twitted announcement, we had several new SharePoint followers, and have begun some really interesting conversations with those contacts.

The HP Lab in Palo Alto recently did a study reviewing the average use of Twitter users (full report available in PDF here)...

Top 6 reasons people use the internet

Dec 3 2008

I found a survey (dated April 2008) by Gartner today with the top reasons people use the internet.

Top 6 reasons people use the internet:

Use e-mail Gather information Online banking Sharing photos, videos, and files Geographic navigation services Shopping online

These six things are becoming “utilitarian,” and any new medium (mobile devices, etc.) will have to consider the importance of these six in user’s lives to succeed. I wish that the study would have broken down “gathering Information,” as it seems a little broad...


Nov 5 2008

I spend a lot of time looking at analytics numbers. There are 9-10 client Google accounts that I look at (most daily), plus RD2 analytics for our site, blog, and adwords account. It’s a lot of numbers.

It’s fairly safe to say that every single time I present a first analytics report to a client or potential client… no matter how much work I put into graphing and organizing the numbers and adding notes … I get the same question: “Is that good?”

Because every industry is different and every company has different goals, it’s a question that’s difficult to answer...