Krejci – Inner Tube Bags

Nov 20 2007

Just when I thought I had seen it all, here’s a totally sweet approach to carrying your stuff in an eco-friendly bag that is good for the environment, looks swank, and can double as an emergency patch kit in case you really need one. I’m going to figure out how to get one of these for sure!

When traveling, of course one of those essential tools is my MacBook Pro. Love the computer but HATE the power cord that comes with it. Cool idea how the outer compartment is made just for the power cord and maybe a few other things...



Back in the Saddle

Jul 9 2007

I’ve taken the last few months off from bicycle commuting due to injuries and moving into a new apartment. But I’m happy to say that I made the first ride to the office from my new location this morning – in 98% humidity.

There’s no “right” bike for commuting, personally I use a Redline Conquest cyclocross bike because it’s built tougher than a regular road bike and has a more relaxed geometry (luckily mine is green and not that horrible blue/white color!). The only modification I’ve made to it is throwing on a set of 23mm road slicks to replace the standard 35mm ‘cross tires...


May 16 2007

Yesterday I got my first bike commuting flat 3 miles from home. Luckily, I didn’t fall or anything. I was a good boy scout and had everything it takes to fix it right there, but the replacement tube went flat as well within a half mile. It was old and I couldn’t pump it up enough. I’m really glad my wife was home and could pick me up. There may be nothing sadder than a grown man walking his bike home. I even had my backpack on for extra elementary school flashbacks. If I have gotten jumped for my lunch money under the 635 bridge, my spirit would have been crushed for weeks.

Everything is now fixed and I’m researching tougher road tires. Apparently the tires that come on bikes are meant for weekend rides once or twice a month...


Experiencing the Road Rash

Feb 20 2007

I started riding to the office because I was fortunate to find a house close to work and my commute is about 3 miles each way. I didn’t start riding in until the beginning of the year so I’m one of the new guys. I had just finished up school in December and for graduation my parents wanted to get me a present so I asked for a bike, they were quite surprised by my request. I got the bike from Richardson Bike Mart, I was quite nervous about buying the bike since I had not ridden on one since I was in middle school, but the staff there was very helpful and nice...


Infinite Miles Per Gallon

Jan 26 2007

Over the past 6 months, the RD2 team has been bitten by the cycling bug. It all started when we hired the quiet and unassuming Mark Hurd. Mark is a fantastic coder and information architect with a mountain biking and cyclocross alter ego. Almost immediately after he started work, Mark began making the 10-mile journey from his apartment in Far north Plano to the nearest Dart station. I was intrigued and began spending my weekends getting my old bike in shape and taking it out for test rides...