Launch! Ford Canada Drives New Blog

May 7 2012
Launch! Ford Canada Drives New Blog

It was only a few short months ago that I picked up the phone at RD2 and met Ammar Khan of Ford Canada for the very first time. He was contacting us because he wanted to create the best blog imaginable for Ford Canada. Ammar held in high regard and asked a lot of questions about our process for working with the team at Southwest Airlines to build such a stable community platform...

Making better decisions – CMS Solutions

Aug 14 2008

We talk a lot about content management on the RD2 blog… usually about which tool works best in which situation… Drupal vs. WordPress, open source vs. enterprise solution… etc.

In determining the ROI of a CMS solution, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. There are the benefits – increased organizational efficiency being the major one for most users. The ability to easily keep their web presence up-to-date is invaluable to many of our clients. But there are also costs...

Pick A Winner: Your CMS Selection

May 11 2008

It’s a slippery slope, with potholes, rusty nails, and a sundry of other snags ready to pull you into CMS bliss or Hades. Truth is, there’s no perfect match. Even when strategically aligning your team and goals within a framework for decision making, there’s somewhat of an art to the selection of what fits and what does not.

Having recently launched a couple of new community websites, I find myself reflecting on the pains of the past when watching and assisting people we work with as they begin deploying their content...

Confluence Research

Mar 13 2007
The most meaningful research I have done on Confluence all day.

Conversation Management System (CMS)

Mar 13 2007

You gotta hand it to some of the developers today. While the lines are being blurred between what content management has been and what it is becoming, the bottom line is that content management is becoming very much about the conversation. Yeah, I know, I feel stupid going into the same “conversations are the new form of marketing” bit. Everyone is talking about it. But, what I feel is so essential that so many are still missing is the need to keep content management clean, simple and conversation ready. If your content management strategy is not conversation ready, then you are not ready… I think that my new term for tomorrow will be “Conversation Management.” Have no idea if this is original...

Dazed and Confused?

Mar 13 2007

You gotta pick your web platform wisely. Even though we live and breathe it every day, I am blown away at how complex the environment has become. The lines are blurred between content management, blog, wiki, personalization and more. Then you throw into the mix RSS, folksonomies, taxonomies, schmaxonomies, workflow, scalability, integration, API extensibility and so much more.

If I were you, would I even know how to ask the right question on where to start? Believe me, it’s tough enough to keep it all straight for anyone...

pbwiki For Lunch

Feb 22 2007

pbwiki says that “making a free wiki is as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich.” Their recent step in updating their web editor is a step in the right direction for the wiki community. It’s still a nerdy little application but it demonstrates a few people thinking about the right things. pbwiki is worth a try for those just getting acquainted with the power of the wiki and is much easier to start than most. pbwiki is a hosted application but seems to have some horsepower... Launched!

Dec 23 2006

When I first typed in my search to learn about Drupal, I spelled it “Droople.” Luckily “Droople Blog” on google returned the proper spelling. It took a few requests from Charlotte to get me there, but after realizing that I might be coming across like we were a WordPress only shop, I wanted to prove the strength of our team and prove our knowledge in many applications...