Elbowz Cycling Team Launches Official Website

Mar 9 2012
Elbowz Cycling Team Launches Official Website

Just over a year ago we had some guests here at RD2 for a dicsussion about building a regional cycling team (Elbowz Racing) based in Dallas, Texas. Those guests were Nick Kiernan (friend of nearly 20 years) and Ben Spies (professional MotoGP racer). There’s not a container large enough in the known universe to store the passion these two share for the sport of cycling.

Ben shared his vision for the program and how he wanted to bring his current sponsors to the table to fund a cycling team. Nick had the plan to go along with the strategy, and the miles beneath him to get a team on the road. We knew it was going to be great...

A Visit From the Luxembourg National Champ

Aug 24 2011

Today we had another guest in the office. His name is Christian Helmig. He’s a member of the Elbowz Racing Team and he’s had a fantastic year. We did not get to take some snaps of him when the rest of the team was at the office earlier in the year, so we made up for lost time today...



Pure Black Racing Wins Somerville

Jun 1 2011

Even though my days of racing are far in the past, it’s a sport that is still¬†immeasurably¬†important to me. I’ve tried to distance my thoughts of racing around some of the negative headlines, and in doing so, there’s lots and lots of good news out there.

Timothy Gudsell of the Pure Black Racing Team just celebrated a tremendous victory at the Tour of Sommerville...


Elbowz on VeloNews

Apr 11 2011

Today we found out that the Elbowz Racing Team Kit and photography as taken by our resident photographer and boss man, Chris Ronan, was featured in VeloNews Magazine. VeloNews is the world’s number one international cycling magazine. We are proud and excited to see the Elbowz Racing Team take it so far...


Elbowz Kits, Ben Spies, Alpinestars Video – Cool

Apr 7 2011

Pretty happy to see this video Alpinestars did on Ben Spies sporting his Yamaha team kit...


PureBlack Racing launches Website

Nov 29 2010

New Zealand used to seem like it was a million miles away. In the past few months, it feels more like it’s in our back yard. We’ve worked with several New Zealand companies now and have had an amazing time doing it. As a culture we find New Zealanders to be hard working, smart, and easy to get along with. They are great when it comes to following the processes necessary to build industry leading web properties...

TDF – Stage 17 – Shock and Awe

Jul 21 2006

I just watched Floyd Landis cross the finish line on the 17th stage of the Tour De France. I heard today was amazing, but you just have to find a way to see this race. Today, Floyd Landis rode the single most impressive stage in the Tour De France I have ever seen. Floyd was away all day long, by himself. He was completely possessed. Everyone was counting him out after losing ten minutes in the GC yesterday. Now he is within 30 seconds of the yellow jersey. Floyd was brilliant on the climbs and a genius on the descents. Using every millimeter of the road to carry maximum speed through every corner...

6:00 PM And 106 Degrees!

Jul 18 2006
I just returned from vacation in South West Texas. The bike stayed home. Today I hit the road around 6:00 pm for the first time in a week. The bike felt great, but it was unusually hot and after a few short miles I felt almost completely paralyzed. So, a quick call to time and temperature revealed that it was 106 Degrees. Gotta love outdoor sports in the Texas summer!