Google+: Start your conversation (Opinion)

Aug 8 2012

Google+ is a digital lifestyle management tool, not a social network. Its use cases are fundamentally different from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

I find myself having a specific conversation with my friends and family with increasing frequency: social media. It came up again two weekends ago when I was watching a time-shifted broadcast of some Olympic events (men’s gymnastics, women’s powerlifting, and men/women’s swimming), in part due to the amount of chatter on Twitter about various athletes and events...

My Social Media Move

Jan 17 2009

It has been an extremely busy time at RD2, and thus the blog has been a little quiet for the past few days. Part of that busy-ness for me has been moving. I have moved to Houston, am continuing to work for RD2 remotely, and will be in town frequently for client meetings and such.

I had lived in the same house for my entire life until I went to college. And I have moved every single year since then.

Social Media has been a part of my life for a long time, but I made this move using Social Media tools almost exclusively...

Let’s check this Facebook connect thing out

Nov 19 2008

I read an article this morning that CitySearch launched Facebook connect in beta. Facebook connect allows users to connect their Facebook identity to third party sites. Essentially, any site becomes a Facebook app.

I have never used Facebook connect, so I tried it today using CitySearch.

1: Click “Sign in Using Facebook”

This way of presenting the option feels very OpenID-like. I assume that it’s going to be easy to create a profile and login...

Facebook Chat… Friend or Foe?

Apr 23 2008

I wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on the newly released facebook chat.

In case you haven’t been on facebook 15 times in the last twelve hours (I know, I have a problem), the chat appears as follows:

Chat docs in the lower right of your facebook window and tells you how many of your friends are online at any given moment. If they’re not online, you can still send them a chat (kind of like Google chat?) but they get it later (kind of like sending them a facebook message and then waiting for a response when they sign on next?)...