RD2 Arm Wrestling SmackDown

Aug 3 2010
This past week we were discussing some content that will soon be posted to our portfolio. Sometimes the team and I have differing opinions. Leia's opinion differed from mine so, on Yammer, I challenged her to an arm wrestling match. Winner takes all. It was EPIC! http://vimeo.com/13858689


Back in the Saddle

Jul 9 2007

I’ve taken the last few months off from bicycle commuting due to injuries and moving into a new apartment. But I’m happy to say that I made the first ride to the office from my new location this morning – in 98% humidity.

There’s no “right” bike for commuting, personally I use a Redline Conquest cyclocross bike because it’s built tougher than a regular road bike and has a more relaxed geometry (luckily mine is green and not that horrible blue/white color!). The only modification I’ve made to it is throwing on a set of 23mm road slicks to replace the standard 35mm ‘cross tires...

Marathon Post

Dec 13 2006

I have two brothers. They are both two of my biggest heroes. The three of us were born with this insane need to be obsessed with things…I mean really obsessed. Almost to the point of being unhealthy. In the case of one of my younger brother’s latest obsessions, a lack of health is definitely not the issue.

I believe that being “obsessed” with things is a pretty fun way to live life. I guess what I mean by obsessed is more on the side of being completely dedicated to a goal and going after it 100%, and less on the side of say…John Hinckley Jr. and Jodie Foster...

TDF – Stage 17 – Shock and Awe

Jul 21 2006

I just watched Floyd Landis cross the finish line on the 17th stage of the Tour De France. I heard today was amazing, but you just have to find a way to see this race. Today, Floyd Landis rode the single most impressive stage in the Tour De France I have ever seen. Floyd was away all day long, by himself. He was completely possessed. Everyone was counting him out after losing ten minutes in the GC yesterday. Now he is within 30 seconds of the yellow jersey. Floyd was brilliant on the climbs and a genius on the descents. Using every millimeter of the road to carry maximum speed through every corner...

6:00 PM And 106 Degrees!

Jul 18 2006
I just returned from vacation in South West Texas. The bike stayed home. Today I hit the road around 6:00 pm for the first time in a week. The bike felt great, but it was unusually hot and after a few short miles I felt almost completely paralyzed. So, a quick call to time and temperature revealed that it was 106 Degrees. Gotta love outdoor sports in the Texas summer!

Fitness Log: Tuesday 7/4/2006

Jul 4 2006
Three laps easy with Wes, Les and Richard. No pain, just easy does it.

Fitness Log: Monday 7/3/2006

Jul 4 2006
Today is a day off. Going to try to get the mojo back, and a little work done. Physical activities for the day are a big nothing. Too tired to even think tonight. Breakfast - two bowls of cranberry granola cereal Lunch-italian 12 inch sub on wheat Snacks - 2 slimfast shakes Dinner - chicken salad Snack - pretzels, bugles, reces peanut butter cups Glass of orange juice

Reflecting On: week of 6/26/2006

Jul 4 2006

This was a really tough week for me. I have struggled with overall balance as well as feeling unmotivated due to factors such as heat and diet. There were a few days where I simply felt depleted. I completely deviated from my focus on calories and diet on Saturday… enjoyed a few beers, a great big mexican dinner (yes I ate the chips), and a number of other snacks throughout the day. Sunday I felt almost instantly better. Like I had gas in the tank. I was able to charge up every hill with the 7:30 ride and ride aggressively when needed. I made it all the way to the finishing sprint where I should have been more aggressive by instead played a foolish game of cat and mouse, waiting for a dude to make his big move allowing me to get the speed up and try to take a good sprint...