Are You A Web Developer Ninja?

Aug 30 2010
RD2 is actively seeking a Web Application Developer to add to our team in Dallas, Texas. At RD2, our focus and passion is building beautiful applications that help our clients connect with their communities. We create awesome websites for clients like Southwest Airlines, STA Travel, Dell, and Texadelphia...

Blogher Redesign: Now 40 Winks

Jul 24 2007

Our project plan says, “Creative Brief: June 9th, 2007.” That’s just six weeks ago when we were still “talking” about the design ideas and the creative direction for the new redesign. Lisa Stone is always up for an enthusiastic late night call when it comes to talking about the design for the web’s number-one destination for women’s bloggers...

Developing Content for iPhone’s Mobile Safari

Jul 8 2007

Analysts are estimating that Apple has sold 700,000 iPhones in the U.S. According to Nielsen//NetRatings, there were about 209 million U.S. Internet users as of March/07, 69.2% of the nation’s population. Making the reasonable assumption that the 700,000 iPhones sold were to people who already regularly use the Internet, that means 0.25% of Internet users in the U.S. will occasionally be using the Mobile Safari browser on their iPhones to visit your web presence, and that’s after the first four days of sales...

Lorem Ipsum Considered Harmful

Jan 3 2007

Oftentimes, we will need to design and even develop for unknown content. Maybe a client has a copywriter that is still in the process of producing the content. Maybe the project is a blog that will have regular content additions or a white paper template... Launched!

Dec 23 2006

When I first typed in my search to learn about Drupal, I spelled it “Droople.” Luckily “Droople Blog” on google returned the proper spelling. It took a few requests from Charlotte to get me there, but after realizing that I might be coming across like we were a WordPress only shop, I wanted to prove the strength of our team and prove our knowledge in many applications...

Graded Browser Support

Dec 3 2006

It seems like every time I turn around we are re-evaluating how we write to our level of browser support. In chatting with Chris Griego the other day, he shared with me the following that he posted on our internal Wiki. I thought it was worth sharing so that we can reference it from time to time. Here’s what Chris posted internally:

Graded browser support is a concept borrowed from Yahoo! that promotes using different levels of support for browsers versus supporting a browser or blocking it completely...

Blake, You Are So Money!

Aug 28 2006

Atta Boy, Blake. You have attracted the attention of WaSP and they posted a nice interview with you. LOVE IT!

“As a student of Interactive Media Design at the Art Institute of Dallas, Texas, Blake Elshire learned CSS as part of his course, then discovered that not all students were quite as charmed by the technology as he was. He shares his thoughts and insights with WaSP EduTF.

At the time of year where many schools are starting a new term, some teachers are still demanding archaic Web practices as part of their syllabi. Whether Web standards is taught at educational institutions is an issue that is no longer new. And yet, it is not uncommon for a student to be penalized for using modern Web techniques...

Refresh Dallas and Microformats

Aug 10 2006

Refresh Dallas, a local user group for web designers and developers, will have a speaker tonight talking about Microformats — a way to enrich content in web sites to have specialized meanings, which allow for pseudo APIs to be built.

We’ve been integrating these into our sites for several months now. For example, we integrated an address card into Rough Creek...