PowerbyProxi: The Power to Unplug – On Engadget

Feb 25 2013

For those of us who are techies, this is a big deal. Engadget is the authority of new technology for so many of us. They stay on top of the latest trends. Some of the most important technologies of our age are featured here. It goes without saying, the team at PowerbyProxi are very special to us. To see them featured in Engadget puts a big smile on our faces. The guys at PowerbyProxi are brilliant. They are bravely developing real and sustainable technology in the wireless power space that will make a difference...


Scoble Interviews Andreessen

Feb 21 2013

“All Markets Will Liquify”

Wow. If you are in tech, this is a must watch interview. No matter how busy you are, it’s a fascinating 40 minutes. Kudos to Robert Scoble for landing an interview with Marc Andreessen. We need stuff like this. A level set to remind us that we’re still just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a video of Marc Andreessen before. But he’s a name many of us have etched into our digital history.

Think back to the first time you ever surfed the web. For me, I skipped the AOL thing. The first time I ever opened a web browser to surf the web was pivotal...


Does that Cloud look like advanced disaster recovery to you?

Mar 7 2012
Does that Cloud look like advanced disaster recovery to you?

While many of us might recognize the “Cloud’ as one of those new hot words, like “Geotagging,” “Social Networking.” or “Microblogging,” for companies like Maxava, it has been in their daily exchanges for years...

Dell Launches Social Hub

Mar 5 2012

While corporations face a host of Social Media issues (the new Facebook Timeline aside), fragmentation is quickly becoming one of the most paramount and difficult to wrangle. With so many social networks and so many individual company segments that need representation in each network, corporations can easily become lost among a sea of social media islands. Customers can then become isolated, turning into conversation castaways...

Job Post: Developer: We’ll Come Pick You Up

Feb 27 2012

We’re looking to add another Developer to our team. We’re an extremely passionate group who work as “change agents” for our clients/partners. This is a team that is constantly looking at how to be better and how to help those we work with to think differently about how they can grow their brands in the modern world. Developers make our dreams come true by working closely with our design team to build user experiences.

We have a great company with top notch benefits. We work in a very fun and interactive environment. Our team is like family...


links for 2006-05-19

May 19 2006
Pageflakes - The whole Web at your Fingertips! Really cool Web 2.0 site that Andy posted about. I have experimented with this an totally DIGG it. These Flakes are de.licio.us (tags: web 2.0 portal)

links for 2006-05-16

May 16 2006
Chipotle Nutrition Facts Calculator - How healthy is your Chipotle? (tags: culture)

links for 2006-05-05

May 5 2006
Browser News: Statistics – Trends – learn about trends in browsers, colour-depths, and resolutions (tags: browser statistics resolution trends web)